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About Me...

A native of Colorado, I have been drawing, sketching, coloring, painting, and creating since I could sit up on my own. My Grandmother and I would sit at the kitchen table for hours...drawing and painting faces, animals, flowers, and anything else we could think of. I spent most of my childhood creating and performing, and eventually went on to get a BA in Voice Performance. Although my degree was in the performing arts, my heart and my passion was always in MAKING art. Lines, shapes, colors, and textures drew me in to the world of the HANDMADE and eventually, I started my own business called Fern and Sprout, making accessories from wool felt and beads. After years of making and selling my handmade felt pieces, my love of color, shape, and texture crossed over onto the canvas and I quickly became smitten with PAINTING. 

Each piece of my art is painted, drawn, sketched, glued, stitched, or created with love in my studio in Englewood, CO. My work tends to be abstract with a somewhat magical feel. There are elements of rich texture, thick paint, vibrant colors, and playful movement in all of my pieces. Each painting contains layers upon layers of emotion and each piece gives you an intricate view of my heart and soul. These many layers on the canvas include my stories - some of love, heartbreak, joy, passion, and grief. While some pieces might have a lighthearted and mischievous feel...others may be more dark and melancholy. I come to the canvas without a plan. My process involves a willingness to play, to be open to what the paint has to say, and to find joy in discovering what the piece will eventually become. For me, making art is an intuitive, expressive, healing process. I am happiest when I am in my studio, music blasting, paint flying!

When I am not creating art, you can usually find me at the gym teaching Zumba!  When I am dancing, NOTHING else matters! Dancing is a huge stress reliever for me, and you will always catch me dancing WHILE I PAINT! 

I live in Littleton, Colorado with my main squeeze (who is also an artist,) my two boys, and four, (YES, FOUR) dogs. I love to travel, hike, drink coffee. You can follow my creative journey on Instagram @mandyyocomart, on Twitter @fernandsprout, or visit my Facebook page at

Thank you for taking a moment to let my work speak to you.

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