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Citrus Inspiration

When I come to the painting palette, I normally select whatever colors speak to me. Wednesday was different because I came to the palette with a clear intention of which colors to use, and I think it really inspired me!

I based my paint colors on this lovely picture of some fruit we used to make a beautiful citrus salad at Bravely Made (my nonprofit mentoring program for adolescent girls.)

These paint colors made me pretty happy and I must say, the “creative juices” were flowin’! I added a little pink to the mix, and the paint was FLYING!

Here are some shots of the 24x48 canvas I was working on…

…and some shots of the 12x28 canvas…

These could be my go-to colors, for a while! We shall see! Happy painting!!


And so building my website begins! Another step on this creative journey of mine! Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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